Driver’s qualifications

1. A neat uniform with reflective materials

and reflective safety clothes

2. Wearing company’s cap Or Safety helmet (white color)

Depends on work environment

3. Safety Shoes

to prevent injuries

PTT’s driver screening process

All candidate must pass 5 screening steps as follows:

1. Urine test for drug detection

The company will conduct a urine test with all candidate before having an interview with no prior notice.pathum02     pathum03

2. Being interviewed by a supervisor

Each candidate will be interviewed by a supervisor who is responsible for that vehicle type.pathum04

3. Criminal record checks

All candidate must be examined fingerprints to find criminal records from Office of Police Forensic Science. This method is more reliable than checking by name.pathum05

4. Job training

Before starting the job, all driver must attend a company regulations & safety training course for 1 day.pathum06 pathum07

5. Vehicle Safety Equipment Check

All safety equipment and relevant items must be checked before going to work on the real field.pathum08

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Reflective traffic cone
  • Ratchet Strap
  • Wheel chock
  • Lock & keys
  • Spare tyre
  • Safety cap(white)
  • Reflective clothing
  • Safety shoes
  • Truck sheet (canvas)